Outdoor Advertising

Our Motto is to serve our clients in the best way we can.

Marketing is precise science requiring the highest skills in a broad range of disciplines.The most important part of the marketing process is Advertising and Outdoor Advertising plays a key role in the Advertising Industry.

Outdoor Advertising offers more coverage & mileage than any other medium of Advertising.The following are the types of outdoor advertising mediums available in India

SeLVeL is the leading Pioneer in Outdoor Advertising Industry whose presence is felt across the nation, which deals in all the above medium of Outdoor Advertising and many more.

"Offering unique and innovative modes & methods of Outdoor Advertising"

Outdoor Advertising Mediums

  • Neon Signs
  • Live innovation on Hoardings
  • Vinyl (Flex) Hoardings
  • Kiosks
  • Bus Shelters with Advertisement Panels
  • Back-lit / Front-lit Billboards
  • Cut – outs
  • Glow Signs
  • Sports & Event Marketing
  • Illuminated / Non illuminated Hoardings
  • Cut – outs including live size ones
  • Advertisements on Public utilities

About Us

SeLVeL has tied up business relationships with many International Advertising Companies through various advertising mediums all over the Country.

SeLVeL offers a full range of services aimed at reaching the specific needs of the clients.

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